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How much collagen should you take daily? The answer depends upon your goals. For a radiant skin, enhancing joints and bone, or decreasing cellulite, a basic 11-gram scoop once a day will work. For building muscle, 1 1/2 scoops (or 15-grams) per day is a great place to start.

Keep reading to learn more your ideal dosage, the very best times to take collagen, and who must prevent it.

Recommended Collagen Dose

Our practical 11g-scoop makes it simple for the majority of people to determine the quantity of Collagen Peptides they require. Here's the scoop on just how much collagen protein you must take, depending on your goals and requirements:

Skin: As soon as scoop is the perfect dose for healthy skin. Collagen peptides are absorbed undamaged by the intestines and then transported directly to the skin. They stay there for as much as 2 weeks, enhancing your skin's appearance, moisture, and flexibility. If you're opting for radiant skin, attempt type I collagen, the one related to anti-aging.

Cellulite: One scoop of collagen can help in reducing the look of cellulite by reinforcing the connective tissue under the skin.

Muscle: Muscle mass and strength decrease as we age. To increase muscle while losing fat, try 15g of collagen peptides per day. We like including a scoop to our early morning coffee, 1/2 scoop to all 3 meals, or 2/3 scoop to our soup at lunch and another 2/3 to our post-workout whey protein shake.

Bone: The advised dosage for bone metabolism and mineralization is 11g for a 150lb person. One scoop is all you need.

Can You Take Excessive Collagen?

Collagen peptides are extremely safe and you should feel comfortable taking about 1-3 scoops daily to support strong and healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. Take it in addition to other protein supplements like whey, plant protein powder, and food-based proteins for a total selection of amino acids and other nutrients.

Do remember: anytime you consume more food than your body has the enzymes to process, you might see some gastrointestinal pain like gas or bloating. If this takes place at a greater dosage of collagen peptides, simply downsize and slowly develop to your perfect dosage. Some individuals notice that they feel thirstier when they consume more protein. Listen to your body, and drink extra water if you need to.

Is There Anybody Who Should Not Take Collagen?

People with kidney disease or other kidney issues ought to work with a medical professional to find their ideal protein consumption. Even a simple to process protein like collagen peptides count toward your day-to-day total.

If you are predisposed to kidney stones, we have a couple of suggestions when using collagen: beverage a lot of water, keep adequate levels of B6, and be careful not to over-consume collagen. Again, consult your doctor to find the right dosage that will give you the benefits of collagen without the potential side effects.

When Should I Consider Taking More vs. Less Collagen?

You might want to think about taking more if you notice that your skin and nails aren't looking as strong and lustrous they used to. You can likewise integrate higher amounts of collagen with whey protein if you're trying to build muscle, or if you're exercising extra hard and wish to keep the inflammation in your joints at bay.

What Time of Day Should I Take Collagen Peptides?

For skin or muscle repair: Consider taking collagen in the evening to help with recovery and repair work while you sleep.

For weight reduction: Take them in the early morning and throughout the day to assist you remain complete and keep you feeling energetic without the crash.

To support discomfort and swelling: To support difficult exercises or general pain and swelling, take 1-4 scoops of collagen throughout the day, making sure to take one scoop before bed.

Should I Take Collagen On An Empty Stomach?

You can get the advantages of collagen peptides whether you take them with food or on an empty stomach. So, do not hesitate to include some to your keto coffee or your breakfast shake.

Have a concern or a preferred recipe utilizing collagen protein? Please leave it in the remarks below. Thanks for checking out!

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