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How Does the Body Produce Collagen? And if our bodies produce it naturally, then why do we also require to get it from food and/or supplements?

Collagen Production at a Glimpse

Collagen fibers are comprised of the amino acids proline, glycine, arginine, and hydroxyproline. These amino acids, in turn, are made up of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen.

For a more thorough explanation, we're going to have to get a bit scientific. Collagen production begins with what is referred to as procollagen. This is a smaller molecule made from vitamin C and protein. As procollagen is produced, the particles bond together to form fibrils. A fibril is a strand similar in structure to a hair in a carpet fiber or a material string in a garment. The fibrils grow and eventually take the kind of collagenous fibers that make up our skin, ligaments, tendons, hair, and nails.

If you wish to know where does collagen come from, that is essentially the easy-to-understand description. The complete assembly process, though, is much more complicated. The process likewise isn't constantly smooth sailing. Factors like a bad diet and aging can hinder natural collagen production, hence why you need to acquire the protein from external sources.

Do You Need More Collagen?

You and I can use more collagen. If you're over 50, then you certainly require more. In a best world, this would not be the case as we can just constantly rely on our own body's collagen production system. Nevertheless, numerous external elements can disrupt this process.

We pointed out a while ago that a crappy diet and aging are 2 elements that put a wrench in production. Other elements consist of:

Vitamin C shortage-- vitamin C contains hyaluronic acid, an essential collagen fiber part

UV ray exposure

Excess alcohol consumption

Smoking cigarettes

Exposure to pollutants in food, water, and air

Your body requires collagen from external sources much the same way it needs minerals and vitamins.

More Collagen Will Just Benefit You

If you wonder where does collagen originate from and how it's made, now you at least have a primer. With the understanding, you now comprehend why collagenous fibers are so crucial for a healthy body.

This is specifically why we launched Perfotek Collagen, our collagen supplement. We understand that too many people just don't get enough in their diet plan. After all, can you truthfully say that you consume foods like bone broth, every day? Usage Perfotek Collagen powder like you would with a whey protein supplement to prevent shortages. We are confident that you will discover more than subtle distinctions in your body.

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