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An early morning cup of Joe has ended up being a staple for a lot of us, and research shows that coffee can even have some terrific health advantages of its own. Still, if you wish to take your coffee video game to the next level, why not supercharge it with a nutrient that can boost your body? Get in: collagen peptides, a popular supplement that has been turning up on nearly every blog and health food store in the last few years.


What is Collagen?

Collagen is among the nutrients found in gelatin, which is a gummy substance that originates from the bones of animals, mostly livestock, poultry, and seafood. Collagen doesn't have any taste, and for lots of, this implies it's simple to take in regularly.

While bones are rich in collagen, they are also packed with other amino acids like glycine and glutamine, which have many benefits for the entire body. Collagen makes for an easy protein powder add-on or swap for those who want a dairy-free protein powder that likewise nourishes the gut.

The Benefits of Drinking Collagen Every Day

With collagen, you can turn your morning coffee into a superfood while stabilizing the effects of caffeine with protein, indicating you can remain energetic for a longer time period.

Collagen powder was unsavory and odorless. If you are a coffee snob and if any tip of flavor would have right away stopped you from using it, the good news is, it's 100% unsavory and espresso still tastes like espresso!

assistance for a leaky gut

Leaky gut, or increased digestive tract permeability, is a condition where the entrances of the small intestinal tract that avoid unauthorized particles from getting in the bloodstream become weakened or damaged due to food sensitivities, hazardous representatives, chemicals, age, or other conditions.

We desire these tight junctions performing at full capacity to avoid issues with autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal issues, and to simply secure basic wellness.


Collagen includes glutamine and glycine, two amino acids known to really fix the gut wall and to assist turn dripping gut around.

improved food digestion

To take advantage of our diet, our small intestine needs to absorb the good nutrients. Without enough digestive function in the stomach or little intestine, we might consume a terrific diet, but not reap all the benefits of it.

Collagen can protect the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal system, which plays a huge role in absorption and complete food digestion.

strengthened hair, skin, and nails

Our hair, skin, and nails are a reflection of what's going on inside of our body. Amino acids like those discovered in collagen can be nourishing for hair and skin due to the fact that it renews cells and provides more lubrication and elasticity-- the opposite of dry and fragile.

It can also assist to minimize signs of aging on the skin, consisting of wrinkles and great lines. Collagen is also useful for those experiencing loss of hair, consisting of alopecia.

aids the liver in dropping contaminants

While coffee has some liver-boosting advantages of its own, collagen can be an incredibly useful assistance in helping to reinforce the body's primary detox organ. The liver has lots of responsibilities on its shoulders, not the least of which is getting the garbage.

alleviates pains and discomforts

Here's where collagen is possibly most impressive. It can really help to reverse the aches and pains that come with typical aging in addition to more severe and chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.


the ease of collagen

We exist in a society that seldom takes in the whole animal. If you consider it, generations past didn't deal with much of today's degenerative diseases as regularly because their diets were naturally richer in bone broth, organ meats, and other amino-acid rich foods.

While collagen can be increased in our diet plans by drinking bone broth, there is a huge portion of Americans who either won't go to the effort of making it or who will try it and be put off by the unique taste. Coffee, on the other hand, is more widely appealing.

We can go back to the dietary roots of our forefathers by getting more collagen into our diets, one scoop at a time.

Lastly, we want to share great recipe for Collagen and Coffee lovers !

A Quick Breakfast On-The-Go
Add 6-8 oz of hot water (depending how strong you like your coffee!) for a simply smooth cup of  collagen-rich coffee.

Collagen supports skin elasticity and joint health, while giving you 11 grams of protein per packet.

While we love a cup of bulletproof coffee now and then…We also prefer breakfasts to be more balanced in macronutrients–a healthy ratio of fat, protein, and carbs.

So, make a cup or two of Perfotek Collagen Coffee and whip it up with one tablespoon of coconut oil, MCT oil, or ghee for a more filling, energizing breakfast.

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