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Did you know that collagen - the protein, responsible for skin flexibility - likewise plays an important function in the growth of healthy, strong hair?


How Does Collagen Operate In Your Body

The human body can't soak up collagen as a whole, so taking a collagen supplement pill won't directly promote hair development, or skin or bone health.

Rather, your digestive system breaks down collagen into amino acids, which then get utilized anywhere they're required in your body. So the results will not be instant.

On the other hand, taking a collagen supplement can trigger your body to produce more collagen. In fact, one clinical research study found that collagen benefits bones and joints by providing a bio-available source of these amino acids, which helps the body naturally produce more collagen.


Collagen Suppliments & Hair Growth

As you age, your body's natural levels of collagen decrease, which may lead to thinning and shedding hair. Research study reveals that collagen may support and increase hair-building proteins in the body. This can help strengthen hair strands, promote hair growth and avoid loss of hair.

Collagen may even help avoid gray hairs by supporting the healthy structure of the hair roots, where the pigment of your hair color is produced.

Collagen supplements also have been shown to be reliable in treating dry, brittle hair, assisting to preserve healthy moisture levels in the hair.


The Bottom Line

Collagen might promote healthy hair in a range of ways.

For one, your body might have the ability to utilize the amino acids in collagen to develop hair proteins and reinforce the skin that contains your hair roots. It may also prevent hair roots damage and graying.

If you have an interest in trying collagen to improve your hair, consider bone broth or supplements that can be mixed into food or drinks.

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